ADOBE MAX  |  Luis Pinto
Sketching your dreams

We were asked by Adobe to create a piece for the Adobe Max event about Mexican artist Luis Pinto. It's a film that showcases the story behind the artist's creative spark and shares the inspiration that drives them to create on the daily.
Luis is based in Guatemala and gets inspired by the Latin culture and the simple moments in life 
Video by: Plaga Studio 
Direction: Antonio & Alejandro Campollo
Producers: Charlie Sadoff, Brin
Editing: Alejandro Campollo
Illustrations / Artist: Luis Pinto
Animation: Antonio Campollo
Cameras: Daniel Lopez, Antonio Campollo, Alejandro Campollo
Sound: Alex Hentze
Gaffer: Daniela Pinto
Behind the scenes: Charlie Orellana
Music: Alex Hentze & Cuervo Cuervo

Behind the scenes pictures by Charlie Orellana