Animal Planet Global Rebrand
(2D Animation)
We worked with the Discovery Creative London team on the 2D area of the animations for the new Animal Planet logo, focusing on several animations and transitions. The idea was to give life to the elephant mark in a playful, dynamic, organic and simple way to use in all the platforms needed.
We are forever grateful for the amazing opportunity to be able to work and learn from the Discovery Creative London team and such a special and fun project, we hope you like it!
Susannah Dinnage - Global President
Pablo Pulido - VP Marketing
Robin Garnett - VP Creative
Lee Healy - Director of Creative & Design
Sue Dhaliwal - Producer
Sam Dunn - Art Direction & Design
Alessandro Foschini - Art Direction & Design
Antonio Campollo - 2D Animation
David Cameron - Motion Design
Nikita Shestakov - 3D Animation
Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv - Logo Design
Zelig Sound Audio Design
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