Cosmic Convergence:
Mystical & uplifting expeditions, transformational events and retreats.

Connect in a deeper and higher level with the cosmic family, its artists, its crew and with link minded people like you.
Explore the Mayan territory and learn to decipher its great mysteries, learn about Sacred fire and medicinal ceremonies, Sacred Sites, Ancient knowledge, Cosmovision & Spirituality, your nahual (alter ego) and about yourself in a way you have never explored before.

Design, film, edit & animation by PLAGA
Big thanks to Liquid Bloom for the amazing soundtrack "Roots of the Earth" 
Logo & poster construction process
Making of "THE JOURNEY"
Logo Animation
Behind the scenes of the Kuautemayan experience
noche neblina volcan pacaya
noche en pacaya
Road to cosmic Night trek
Volcan de pacaya night stars
volcan de pacaya
volcan de pacaya sunrise contact staff
exploring volcan de pacaya
contact staff volcan de pacaya
4x4 volcan de pacaya
4x4 cars volcan de pacaya
camping 4x4 volcan de pacaya
exploring guatemala pacaya drone
noche mist volcan de pacaya
noche mist volcan de pacaya 2
4x4 neblina pacaya
volcan de pacaya de noche
acampando volcan de pacaya
drone volcan de pacaya
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