Envision Festival 2022 
Official Trailer

Let the message inspire evolution, the visuals conjure dreams of your return to nature and the feelings evoked allow us to remember the importance of community, embrace, acceptance, love and hope.

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Film | Edit | Animation | VFX | SFX by PLAGA
Music by Emancipator - Labyrinth (CloZee Remix)
Voice Over by Josh Royse
Producer: James Gangemi, Josh Wendel
Co-Producer: Julia Borden
Video & Photography by: Nido Films, Valentyn Syenin, Remington Wilcox, Alejandro Campollo, Antonio Campollo, Charlie Orellana, Phillip Whiteman, Joe Brookfield, Daniel Cooper, Luis Hernández, Antonio Madrigal, Andrew Tomkinson, Kenny Withrow, Nathan Doherty, Mike Oberlies
Envision Festival 2022 - Official Trailer artwork design by PLAGA