"A Journey Through The Cosmos"
VFX Pack Vol 1
This is a teaser of the visuals we have been working on for our new "Travel through the Cosmos VFX pack Vol 1" a collection of visual effects and VJ loops of the Sun, Earth, hyperspeed, black holes, nebulas and more cosmic downloads ✨️ 
More coming soon 
The Fifth Sun
 The Maya long count calendar, which tracks the cycles of creation and the end of eras, is divided into five Great Sun Cycles, a series of different epochs or ages that the world had gone through, each humanity characterized by the presence of a different sun. 
The current era or cycle of creation is known as the Fifth Sun, It was believed that it would eventually be replaced by a new sun, leading humanity to evolve towards a higher consiousness and a more harmonious future.
VFX Pack Vol 1
Is a new visual artist collective formed by Plaga Studio. 
Nebula | Lightning | Hyperspeed | Warp drive | Byfrost | Portals | Worm hole
Visuals & VJ Loops by Antonio Campollo